secure your Nostr keys

Keep your nostr keys in a single place and provide fine-grained access to your team members.

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Fine-grained control for your nostr keys

The days of copying your nostr keys to dozens of clients, sharing them with teammates, and managing them across multiple servers are over.

All it takes is one time where your keys leak and your entire presence is compromised.

nsecBunker stores your keys and allows you to delegate access to them in a controlled way.

Client-side encrypted keys
Your nostr keys are stored encrypted with a passphrase you provide and must be decrypted by you before they can be used.
Permission revocation
Grant and revoke access to your Nostr account to specific people's npubs, or to specific clients.
Audit Trail
Keep an audit trail of all the actions taken on your account, and by whom.
Enforce Signing Policies
Grant restricted signing permissions on a per-user and per-client basis, for example permitting the use of social-media use cases but not modification of profile data.